International supply and assembly

We specialize in the integral management of worldwide furniture projects. We handle all phases of the process from the manufacture of the packaging, shipping logistics and assembly in any international location.

Our assembly team have international experience and language skills

Our assembly team has extensive worldwide experience in these projects; they speak several languages so they are able to communicate with the company's local representative in their native language. Ekipashop will minimize potential problems in your international establishment projects.

Experience in managing international project logistics

We recognize the importance of each material arriving on time during assembly processes in commercial spaces. With this in mind, we take care of the logistics processes of our products. We ensure that they arrive punctually and that there are no delays resulting from international shipping regulations.

We manufacture custom - made furniture that is flexible and functional, blending aesthetics and cost optimization

We have the expertise to adapt to the aesthetic and functional requirements of our clients' fitting out projects. We are experienced in working in collaboration with our clients' architectural or design departments, who provide us with design concepts for the furniture to be manufactured.

Perfect integration with building work and high quality finishes

The IC Business Group is able to achieve record turnaround time for turnkey projects by coordinating the specialized construction and installation companies within the corporate group to which we belong.

Strict compliance with clients’ deadlines and quality requirements

We take pride in what we do and that is why we constantly strive for excellence. The quality of our finishes is one of the things which makes us outstanding, however we are used to work for high-level brands, who ask us to go one step further to seek even higher levels of finishes.

We have the capacity to perform many furniture installations simultaneously

Our business has developed in parallel with our clients, so we have had to develop operational procedures that allow us to simultaneously carry out multiple furniture installations. We have been closely collaborating with retail companies with very ambitious expansion plans. We are committed to giving our customers the good response that they have come to expect from us. We work on a basis of mutual trust and cooperation, seeking long-term business relationships.

Specialized technical office: experience in project coordination, virtual prototyping and technical study of materials

The staff of furniture technicians and specialized personnel makes our technical office outstanding. We take a global approach to each client's projects, assigning one team to each project, which facilitates a high degree of involvement between the project team and the project, ensuring customer satisfaction. Our extensive experience allows us to provide valuable development suggestions and to propose combinations of materials with results that are not only aesthetic and functional but also optimize costs for the client.

Specialized finishing workshops

Woodworking, carpentry, metal work, painting area, glass work area ... we have different specialized work areas with material and technical professionals in every area, which ensures a high quality finish.

We combine wood, glass, metal, acrylic, and more in our multi-material furniture production

The aesthetic and functional lines of the most ambitious commercial space fitting out projects are achieved through furniture with multi-material compositions. The combination of glass, wood, metal and speciality finishes ensures our furniture's presence in some of the design concepts of the most innovative and beautiful shops on the retail landscape.

Facilities with advanced technological equipment

The only way to keep at the forefront of furniture manufacturing is by continually ensuring that our facilities are equipped with cutting-edge machinery. Our extensive machinery inventory includes digitally controlled machines for cutting, punching, painting, eco-friendly packaging, etc. They are fully adapted for the manufacture and supply of certified furniture.

We offer furniture with PEFC or FSC certification

These days, the increased sustainability of business models is not only a trend but also a necessity. This is why an ever-increasing number of brands are pledging to incorporate ecological measures, such as responsible use of resources. A simple way to incorporate environmentally responsible measures into your business is by using furniture with PEFC or FSC Chain of Custody certification. The Ekipashop company is certified by both organizations, guaranteeing that the raw materials used in our furniture come from sustainably managed forests.